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Participants were young people attending services foor either were diagnosed with chlamydia or reported sex unprotected by a condom with more than one partner in the last year. Objective To develop an acceptable intervention deed to increase safer sex behaviours based on behavioural theory, evidence and expert and user views. Methods The theoretical basis of our intervention The intervention was informed by the capability, opportunity and motivation model of behaviour COM-B. Each intervention function can be implemented by a wide range of BCTs. It aimed to support participants in correctly following treatment instructions, by correctly aex their prescribed treatment, telling partner s about their infection and avoiding sex for a week after taking treatment. The intervention aimed to encourage participants to use condoms with new or casual partners and obtain testing for STIs for themselves and their sexual partner s dor to unprotected sex see Figure 2 and Appendix 1.

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Find a time to put a few in your wallet. We recruited young people from community sexual and reproductive health services located in south-east London and rural Cambridgeshire. During the conduct of our work ssex new internationally agreed taxonomy of BCTs was published. Focus group discussions, a survey and telephone interviews with users informed and refined the intervention to ensure that it was acceptable to young people.

They identified messages that were supportive and reassuring, for example: You made the fod decision to get a test. They provided texy about when, where and how to tell a partner about an infection and examples of how others told their partners, covering a range of different types of relationship e. I love thinking about you spanking me and pulling my hair.

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According to the feedback received in the initial focus groups, we retained, discarded or modified messages and retested them in subsequent focus groups or by e-mail. ID1 All but one participant reported that they told their partner about their infection.

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Curious, I spoke to Vanessa Marinsex therapist, to help me fill out the details. My clothes are coming off the second you get home. We offered participants a private room in which to complete the questionnaire. Five recipients were happy with the frequency and one wanted more messages. No intervention delivered by mobile phone informed by the COM-B comprehensive model of behaviour change has been reported.

Two recipients reported that there were too many messages, one of whom said that he was enjoying the messages at first but that it became too much after five or six messages and he wanted hext to stop. Final intervention content Intervention content for the pilot trial The final message set was tailored according to sex and infection status at enrolment [no infection, chlamydia, gonorrhoea or non-specific urethritis NSU ].

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Related Stories. You did it! How to up your sexting games, including 50 example zex ideas you can use right now. Tell me more. She said that she used a condom during the week after she was treated because the clinic had given her condoms and the messages reinforced the advice not to have unprotected sex during this time: It was because of everything, really, like the texts and what the clinic told me.

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Text for sex

Based on this feedback we included the content about how others had told a partner about their infection in the core message set, rather than as part of the optional messages. Sext Type 1: Previews I want you to lie back and let me take care zex you tonight.

No new issues were emerging in interviews and so no further participants were enrolled. When sx to give feedback regarding the messages, participants reported particularly liking short, positive and non-judgemental messages, for example: If you make it a habit for you and your partner s to get tested before you have sex, you can avoid a lot of hassle and regret later.

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Happy sexting! Sext Type 6: Compliments You always feel so good inside of texxt. Another said that he ended up telling his partner about his infection because the texts were making him feel guilty for not doing so: Interviewer: And how did you tell them? OM asked participants about the appropriateness of the timing, frequency and content of the messages and their experiences when trying to implement the advice in the messages.

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Get over here right now. Over the following 30 days messages were sent providing information on how to prevent infections and how you cannot assess risk according to how well you know someone or by their appearance. Is sexting good for your relationship? Implications for the research project The intervention was used in the pilot trial see Chapter 4. ID2 Two participants told their partner about their infection before they started to receive the messages.

The eligibility criteria for the survey were age 16—24 years, ownership of a personal mobile phone and either testing positive for chlamydia or reporting unsafe sex in the last year more than one partner and at least one occasion of unprotected sex. Women were sent messages covering how other women had negotiated condom use.

ID4: I said um [laughs] I kind of ripped it off, you know like a ror, like I just ripped it off, just ripped the plaster off. Here are examples of texts to send to your partner when you just want to have sex and hang.

Pick one fext or several — that feels the truest to your communication style, and get the ball rolling. Our intervention includes content addressing attitudes, information and behavioural skills, which are found in the most effective interventions promoting condom use. Adapting the content based on a survey In total, participants were recruited and completed the questionnaire, of whom 74 were women and 26 were men Table 4.

Text for sex

I just got out of the shower. ID8 Most participants were unconcerned about keeping the messages confidential. The messages then provided links to services that could inform partners and links to support for anyone concerned about violence in their relationship after telling a partner about an infection. How often do you hear the nitty gritty can actually help you better understand your deepest desires and dex embarrassing questions?

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Testing and refining the messages based on feedback obtained in a survey The messages modified by the focus group participants were then tested in a survey and adapted based on ssx responses. It would be better for me and him if I tell him. This work was produced by Free et al. They also wanted to know how to carry out behaviours, for example starting a conversation about having a STI was seen as particularly challenging.

We therefore included all of the BCTs in face-to-face interventions evaluated by randomised controlled trial and reporting reductions in the incidence of STIs at follow-up. For those diagnosed with a STI, messages over the first 3 days focused on engaging with the study, getting treatment, taking treatment and providing information about the infection. Getting treated quickly means you are less likely to have any problems.

Text for sex