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She always does what she says, fun, is straight-talking and is such a positive influence. There's not many people that operate like Sue - a real professional with sound integrity. More important than that though is the fact that she has lo and lo of integrity.

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Thanks Sue! W, USA After having worked mostly in my own business for the past decade, some new options had opened up and I felt it was time to make a well informed choice in regards to my career. I was ready to start looking for a job but with the Dutch job market it felt like I was entering uncharted territory. She has many tools, suggestions, tips and is a strong listener. Chat About SLS Shares - Stock Quote, Charts, Trade History, Share Chat, Financial Terms Glossary.

At the same time Sue is a very caring and positive person. If you find yourself on a career crossroad, I highly recommend Sue as a career advisor. Following Sue's programme has represented solace and a safe place to analyse and understand my situation. Energized and engaged, very confident and aware of people's differences.

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Current Price. Ss, Relocating to Norway Sue is very pleasant to work with and she has a high level of competence and knowledge. A, Romania When you start your sessions with Sue be ready for lss real positive change in your life. She is easy to talk to and truly engaged in what she does. Besides all the professional qualities I must also acknowledge the personal ones.

She is open, empathic, incredibly easy to talk to and makes you feel at ease whenever you chat with her. Going through the My Career Orientation coaching programme was a transformational experience.

Thoroughly enjoyable, fabulous - best session of the conference. Anonymous, Relocating to Finland Sue adapted the training to the issues raised. Sue presented the result in a way that was understandable and insightful.

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D, UK I have highly appreciated the professionalism and warmth that Sue showed in delivering the of my personality profile. Stand Life Uk Share Chat. She has slx inspirational from the start, implicitly honest!

Sue challenged me to go beyond my inner blocks and come to terms with what I really enjoy doing. The result surprised me as this was one of my many personality tests I had taken that I felt vhat to me. After reviewing my CV, she re-arranged it in a way that it now represents my work in a much better and clearer way than it did before.

Sls chat

After the interview, I felt proud of my preparation and performance and confident that I had given my best. I would definitively recommend Sue as a career advisor. Anonymous, Relocating to Norway Sue's thorough dialogue enabled the construction and delivery of an outstanding curriculum based on her experience and our input.

Sls chat

It was a lot of fun and the exercises helped with networking and knowing people in a different way. It was an absolute pleasure working with Sue and I cannot recommend her enough. The overall rating was 4.

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My career had taken a turn which I had not foreseen. I already have experience in sessions with other coaches but no one could understand me and my needs like Sue.

Sls chat

I simply can't put a price on how much I value her services and I just know you will do the same. How could I best use my skills to achieve professional happiness? Share Chat - SLS. She was thorough and offered sound and practical advice on how to move forward in my career. The old crossro is now water under the bridge and I know that I have taken the right decisions, they are already proving successful. Every question and activity throughout the coaching period has brought me further in the direction of my ideal job.

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I benefited greatly from the reading material and tests she provided. %. Sue helped me to get to know myself and provided me with the tools to discover my true values and to find my strengths.

Sls chat

I warmly recommend Sue to future employers and clients. With her help and guidance I was able to prepare for the journey of finding a job.

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Sue is a sos qualified expert in her field and has a high degree of integrity and a unique way of delivering innovating solutions. The sessions with Sue positively changed my outlook on life and renewed my energy to take life by the horns. Additionally, the study draws on Coupland et al. I could not recommend your service more. I have since secured a role where I am able to work in a much more flexible way and bring my values to the role.

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Sue is very knowledgeable and highly skilled, which shines through in the quality of her work. C, Norway Sue is simply incredible! During the process Sue was always professional, analytical, but at the same time warm and personal, which made it easy to talk to her. I am sure our paths will cross again as there is still so much I have to learn from her. Apart from this, she has also provided valuable advice that has helped me through the difficult period of starting and settling into a new life abroad.

K, Iceland As a senior director looking to change my career within my chosen industry after being employed for over twenty years, I found it difficult to upgrade my Curriculum Vitae. I realised this was not something I could do on my own. Real-time trade and investing ideas on SELLAS Life Sciences Group SLS from the largest community of traders and investors.