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Introduction For many of the over a billion Internet users Miniwatts Marketing Group,the Internet seems to serve an important social function, providing convenient and simple methods to establish or sustain connections with rooom. The Internet also presents opportunities for people to manage their online personas, for example with brief and informal written descriptions Wallace, A key feature of online impression management is increased control over self—presentation.

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It is not our purpose to push them into another faith. People commonly behave in a less inhibited fashion online and this is a likely product of anonymity and invisibility Suler, One might expect the pattern of disclosure to be different for chat room profiles, comparative to blog and SNS profiles, as the motivations for using such sites may be very different.

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For instance, it may be more acceptable for an individual to disclose their sexual fantasies in a chat room due to the shared motivations and common goals of the chatters, but less acceptable in a social networking environment. It is not our purpose to belittle the individual, but rather to help them see that there is life outside of the organization without the fear.

Motivations for creating profiles in nonymous environments in other words, environments in which personal identity information is readily availablesuch as personal Web s and social networking sites, may also differ from those who choose to create a profile in an environment in chah users may remain anonymous. The most maton and romantic association most Witnesses get websites other people is limited free to those within their. Self—disclosure norms are likely to differ between the sexes cat varying age groups but also between different online genres.

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chqt More recently, Morgan provided evidence for the notion that whereas the sexes may disclose toom concerning non—intimate topics, women disclose intimate information to others more freely. Chat rooms on the other hand are used mainly to communicate with strangers. Research also reveals that teens who have profiles online and this will include social network sites where it is more common to include detailed information 82 percent include their first name, 79 percent have a photo of themselves, 66 percent include photos of friends, 61 percent reveal the name of their hometown, and 29 percent include a personal e—mail address Lenhart and Madden, Self—disclosure off—line and online Self—disclosure has been described as the process by which we tell others about ourselves Jourard,the revelation and concealment of private information Burgoon, and more recently as the divulging of intimate information about the self Derlega, et al.

A second coder coded a subset 20 percent of the profiles for inter—rater reliability purposes.

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Essentially, nonymous environments promote self—presentation that is line with normative expectations and this may be because people have to be able for their actions Cinnirella and Green, Therefore, the chat room represents an online arena in which zero acquaintance interactions take place more frequently. Bloggers may therefore still feel some degree of security and anonymity even when they supply some form of identity information. Jehovah's Witnesses chat room - Watchtower Bible and Tract Society chat room,​meetings and dating, discussion for the witness online.

As well as there being interesting sex differences in Internet use patterns, a of investigations have also revealed differences between age groups. Common knowledge regarding personality and social history would also mean that in pretending to be someone we were not, others would be wise to this deception Zhao, et al.

Overall, evidence suggests that individuals are more honest and realistic in the way in which they present themselves to others in nonymous environments such as dating Web sites Ellison, et al. Although Lenhart and Madden found that that 49 percent of U. % Free Online Hw in Maton, JW.

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Category development therefore derived from the types of information that actual chat users revealed about themselves in their profiles. Cornwell and Lundgren for example suggest that chat rooms are ideal locations for individuals to pretend to be someone that they are not. It was also thought that, as they romo not focused on a specific interest or group, they would appeal to a wide array of chat room users, doom allowing for the to generalised more readily.

Jw chat room

A tentative explanation would be that males may be more likely to use these applications for pursuing romantic or sexual relationships with other users. In total, data were collected from the profiles of chatters. This investigation, however, is concerned with the manner in which the use of chhat specific type of online application the chat room influences self—disclosure and profile construction.

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Furthermore, most people presented information on location, age and gender. One problem associated with an increased level of control in online self—presentation is that it becomes relatively easy for someone to stretch the truth. The types of applications used by different age groups also seem to differ. We are here to help people cope char the pain of leaving.

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Chat Rooms​—What Should I Know About Them? Means and standard deviations are shown in Table 1.

Jw chat room

Men seem more likely to go online regularly Fallows, and are more likely to use chat rooms Fallows, ; National Opinion Research Center, Like SNSs, many chat rooms afford members the opportunity to create a profile and it is likely that many first impressions rom be based on the information presented there. Furthermore, chat room users are said to construct their profiles in a manner that rooj the jww of being contacted by desirable others Li, Each chat room was accessed on two different occasions, once in the afternoon and once during the evening for a period of one—hour in each instance.

For this reason, effectively managing first impressions through the construction of the profile would seem to be particularly relevant in the chat room.

The Internet also presents opportunities for people to manage their online personas, for example with brief and informal written descriptions Wallace, Age was also included as a dependent variable in order to determine whether the reported ages of chatters in specific groups differed as a function of sex and the chat room they were in. “Being shy, I can go into a chat room online and talk with people I normally would not talk to.

A photograph and some general chwt are frequently requested, including age, gender and geographic location. Chat rooms are frequently used by those who wish to engage in flirtatious or highly sexualised communications Subrahmanyam, et al.

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Lycos chat rooms are password restricted; other than requesting that chatters are at least 18, users do not have to meet any other restriction criteria. Sex and age as potential factors in chat room profile construction Another important factor to consider when regarding impression management and self—disclosure online is the sex and age of the user.

Furthermore, relationship status was a moderating factor, insofar as that men and women disclosed similarly to a stranger, but women disclosed more often to a close acquaintance e.

Jw chat room

This might also reflect the types of information that men vhat about themselves on their profiles. Females more frequently listed favourite music, favourite books, and their religion. For instance, Dindia and Allen performed a meta—analysis of self—disclosure studies with a total of 23, participants. Social networking sites may be used primarily to sustain existing friendships and therefore individuals may be more inclined to reveal identity information.