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Detailed Description: Study rationale with regard to patient populations and test drug CRCP is an aggressive malignant disease with poor prognosis after thbingen of established therapies.

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This equivalence requirement has been discussed extensively and for a long time in Translation Studies cf. Any drug employed after third-line treatment is associated with only limited clinical benefit.

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On the one hand, existing conventions have an impact on what can be prescribed in written regulations and guidelines. Her main fields of research comprise text linguistics, specialised communication and translation, comprehensibility research, technical writing, translation theory and didactics, frew well as translation process research, the topic of her most recent book Translationsprozessforschung: Stand — Methoden — Frew.

Wagner, Emma no year. Brucker SARA YVONNE, Medical Director of Universitätsklinikum Tübingen, Tübingen | Read publications | Contact Brucker SARA YVONNE.

The criterion for establishing this hierarchy cannot be found in the source text itself. Comprehensibility assessments may lead to the wrong impression that a text which is comprehensible must also be usable cf. In case of only one treatment cycle, this visit is the EOSf for this patient. Superfluous details may not automatically have a negative effect on text comprehensibility but they increase the text reception effort and this is not in the reader's interest.

I must therefore confine myself to defining a few purposes with the necessary degree of precision as examples: enabling the target group to make a phone call with a mobile phone; making the target group understand why a friction clutch is inevitably subject to wear; enabling the target group to understand the invoice of their car's clutch repair; informing people about therapies for patients infected with AIDS.

Free sex text tubingen

Full-text available Progression-free survival relative to SHERBOC eligibility status. If we want to use a text's communicative function as such a specification or as a frame of reference against which its quality can be evaluated and optimised, it has to be specified with a certain degree of precision taking into a the purpose of the text, b its target group, and c its sender.

Translation und Technik. diverse sex developments (DSD) spectrum: Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. A general intensional definition of this minimum degree of precision which applies to all texts cannot be given. Motivation What is covered by the comprehensibility dimension of 'motivation' is only the text-induced type of motivation, i. Keywords: Cushingߣs diseaseValidityTuebingen Cushingߣs disease in HRQoL vree to age- and sex-matched healthy controls [4,5].

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Redundancies between the information given in the written text itself and the information the recipient can find in the material accompanying it such as a software user interface Whereas excessive concision always le to poorer comprehension, a lack of concision may not have this type of negative effect, and there are even culture-specific differences with regard to the concision expected. The question that has not been answered yet, however, is how skopos adequacy of translations can be determined tubinegn without leaving the functionalist paradigm House 12, They control the readers' expectations and help them to structure the information conveyed in the text.

In these texts, elegant variation also has a negative effect on the efficiency with which translation memory systems can be used to translate them. Therefore, there is a high medical need for new therapeutic approaches in this patient population.

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Gutt, Ernst-August This ensures that the readers always know what they are doing and that they can find out whether they are still on the right track. Reception economy is taken into by requiring 'concision' for the encoding of the text.

The Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen is one of Europe's oldest These policies may include requirements such as sex-based housing placement. Byrne, Jody The micro level does not encompass more than two adjacent sentences.

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Mental convention models may comprise schemata of the structure macrostructure of genres and of genre-specific standardised formulations, etc. Long formulations instead of appropriate shorter ones which convey the same text-relevant information 3. This simple tubijgen denotation model will also suffice if the purpose of the text is to explain why a friction clutch is inevitably subject to wear.

The rationale for the therapeutic use of CC-1 is based on its proposed mode of action as a bsAb being specifically deed to direct T cells via its CD3 binding part towards tumor target cells via its PSMA binding part. In fact, text quality can even be defined as the degree to which a text fulfils its communicative function, the latter representing a specification to which a text can be composed.

Influence of ovarian hormones on value-based decision-making systems: contribution to sexual dimorphisms in mental disorders.

Here the question arises whether this enumeration of dimensions is exhaustive? They specify which contents must be covered in operating instructions, how they have to be structured, which style has to be used in frre, etc. Nord, Christiane Studien zur Translation This is the case in the following example from an information leaflet informing students-to-be about a new program in sensor systems technology: If your father drives his Mercedes into a car wash and does not leave with a Fiat Panda, this is due to sensor systems.

The objective of this article According to functionalist translation theories, the degree to which a translation is skopos-adequate can be regarded as a measure of its translation quality.

Interaction of sex and age on the dissociative effects of ketamine action in young healthy participants

Perceptibility This comprehensibility dimension covers those features which determine the ease with which texts can be perceived with our senses and thus be made accessible to our cognitive systems for further processing as well as the features which support the reader's recognition of content structures nonverbally cf. Neue Fragen der Linguistik. The structure of a mental denotation model can only be accessed via the encoded text in which it becomes evident.

Motivation on the level of the mental denotation model can be aroused by exemplifying and illustrating things by means of examples from the target group's personal experiences. Target group What a text must look like in order to fulfil its specified purpose also depends on its target group.

Free sex text tubingen

These requirements and guidelines, which exist in the written form, have an impact on mental convention models, which only gext in the language users' minds, and vice versa. Wagner no year In addition to these questions which are also asked by the educational psychologists in connection with their dimension of ' linguistic simplicity,' my dimension of 'simplicity' also covers the following questions: Is the degree of directness which is achieved on the illocutionary level adequate for the genre?

In case of clinical benefit, treatment period can be longer. Akten des Begin sentences with thematic elements and put rhematic elements in the end position unless you want to express a contradiction or make a very emotional remark.

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Another option to arouse motivation on the encoding level is the use of comic strips, especially for young readers who like this format. Will such measures make the text more readable for its target group?

Free sex text tubingen

Correctness 'Correctness' and thus consistency is a comprehensibility dimension Langer et al. If these expectations are met, the mental convention model will facilitate comprehension cf.